Love Hinckley Networking


What is Networking???

Simply this “Interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts”
Here at Love Hinckley we want to provide these events to do just that, but thats not the be all and end all. We aim to help spread the love for all independent local businesses. We want to connect you with your potential customers by our professional networking and advertising services.
Our networking aim is to provide effective low-cost marketing tools for developing sales opportunities and contacts, based on referrals and introductions - either face-to-face at meetings and gatherings, or by other contact methods such as phone, email, social media and our business directory section of the website.

The Community.

Love Hinckley aims to be at the centre of the community, helping local sports groups to connect with businesses for sponsorship. Provide insight to local Markets or borough social events.

Are you shy ? Do you feel inadequate to network ? Not sure what to say ? Worried about being with so many new people ? Not confident to speak to other professionals ? Do you feel nervous about being in new places ? I'm only a home based business how can I benefit from networking ? I don't employ anyone so I qualify to network ?

We've all asked these questions ourselves especially when starting out in business. But let me stop you right there ..... Love Hinckley was designed for people like YOU in mind.

We are an informal network group and best of all we are FREE !




1. Be prepared

Bring plenty of up to date business cards and as much marketing material with you there will be plenty of people to distribute them to.


2. Know What Message You Want To Convey
You want people to know what your strengths are and what opportunities you are seeking. When people ask you what you do, be prepared to tell them what positions you are seeking, what companies you are targeting and what your talents are. This is sometimes known as an “elevator pitch” because it is short enough to say to someone that you meet in an elevator. You may want to practice it on a friend so that you feel comfortable with your delivery.


3. Track Your Contacts
The magic of networking is transforming a contact into a mutually beneficial relationship. The only way that can be done is if you follow up with the person. Ask for a business card or at least get an e-mail address. At home, either develop your own tracking system or choose one that you can use consistently. The most important thing that is you are able to easily find the contact information when you go to follow up with the person.


4. Know How You Will Follow Up
A way that I like to continue the relationship with a contact is to ask if they are on LinkedIn. If they are, I go home and immediately ask them to connect. If they aren’t on LinkedIn, I send them an email telling them how much I enjoyed meeting them. Depending on the person, I might also ask if they would like to meet for coffee. This is an easy way of furthering the relationship.
Networking is a wonderful way of building relationships. Use it to your advantage by being prepared. I also challenge you to be a little bold.